Story on Niches in July Issue of REALTOR

The July issue of REALTOR magazine is online, including my story on niches. “Own Your Niche.” The story’s subheadline: “Make a name for yourself by carving a real estate specialty that combines your interests with local market opportunities.”

What is true in real estate is true in so many fields. The ability to distance yourself from the pack in a clear, compelling way is a huge asset. It’s also one of the prerequisites for being truly newsworthy.

What skills and passions do you have in more ample supply than just about anyone else? Continually identifying those elements is a most worthwhile exercise because it leads to bottom-line sales and profitability.

Biz Publication Includes My Social-Media Tips

Sometimes my work goes in streaks.

There have been times when I simultaneously represented four different medical providers–an obstetrician, a neurologist, a chiropractor and an acupuncturist.

In the past year, I’ve had a fair share of real estate-related work, both as a freelance writer for REALTOR magazine and as a publicist for the irrepressible Roz Byrne (check out this “Wizard of Roz” blog post here) and Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate Gloor Realty.

A recent Gloor release published in Triblocal’s print edition is to the left here.

Lately, though, the trend could be summed up in three words: Social Media Central. The latest is a story in this week’s edition of The Business Ledger, a weekly publication in the western suburbs of Chicago that quotes from some of my recent social-media training tips.

If you check out the story, by Associate Editor Sherri Dauskurdas, you will see it doesn’t shy away from packing some social-media name-dropping punch in its headline: “Twitter away hours while LinkedIn to Facebook.”

Media Manna: My Q & A With Joe Theismann

My kids’ bedtime stories are of the Biblical variety. Just last night, I enjoyed reading to them again about the manna–the sweet-tasting food from the heavens–that God provided to Moses and his beleaguered crew of nomads.

It’s the perfect metaphor for some of the assignments that I’ve been fortunate to receive over the years. In May, it happened when Wendy Cole, a senior editor at REALTOR magazine called.

A fellow Oak Parker whom I know from our time together at Time magazine (she on staff, me as a stringer), Wendy asked if I’d be interested in interviewing Joe Theismann for a Q & A to appear in an edition previewing the REALTORS Conference & Expo in Orlando.

Media Manna!

I started rattling off Joe’s football stats, how he changed his last name’s pronunication so it rhymed with “Heisman,” and other background details. Somewhere in there I gushed my reply to Wendy’s offer: “Yes!”

“Sounds like this is a good fit for you,” she understated with amusement.

I did some research, prepared about a dozen questions and, on May 20, enjoyed a 23-minute interview with Joe. I anticipated a bright, thoughtful, colorful encounter, and Joe was even more classy and insightful than I’d imagined he would be.

I typed up a long version of the Q & A for the REALTOR website, and below you can see the shorter version that appeared in print:

REALTOR Blog Hails The Wizard of Roz

REALTOR magazine senior editor Wendy Cole today posted a piece (“A WICKED Good Time To Buy”) on the marketing exploits of Realtor Roz Byrne, which I wrote about yesterday.

You could say it’s a “spook-tacular” ditty, but you’d merely be echoing a turn of phrase that Wendy employs in the “Speaking of Real Estate” space she shares with others at the Chicago-based publication.

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