October 12, 2005

Dear Matt,

A rather tardy, yet heartfelt thank you for the incredible job you did in producing Jack's "Your Front Page". He was so pleased and surprised by the gift. What a special presentation.

Many of our friends and family are reaching milestone birthdays and anniversaries. We have participated in "memory books" and celebrations. This is a "cut above". The use of funny headlines and photos, and the organization of the various stories was far nicer than what we might have done on our own.

Your professional/personal approach to the project made it a special tribute. There were many stories which I had, even after thirty-six years, never heard before.

Taking time to interview and call the people on our source list provided the information and material, but your skill and experience transformed the facts into a tribute.

We had the keepsake pages matted and framed. I often catch Jack stopping to reread a portion as he enters the family room. It is a wonderful memory of the celebration of Jack's special day, and a tribute to the kind of man he is. I have told many friends about this excellent way to honor a friend or family member.

Thank you again for helping me provide a special gift for a special guy.


Mary Ann Gaynor
River Forest, Illinois



December 21, 2005

Dear Matt,

When I first heard about Your Front Page, I knew it was the perfect fit to honor my father, Dr. Robert Dolehide, on his 80th birthday. I just couldn't really see how you'd be able to put so many pieces of his life together.

I'm still not quite sure how you did it, or how you managed to get a hold of my seven siblings, on top of other family and friends. But I am grateful that you did.

With The Good Doctor Gazette, you have created a warm, funny, authentic keepsake that will serve as a legacy not only for Dad's 46 grandchildren, but countless others whose lives will be touched by learning about his life.

What a superb job you did of organizing the many arenas of Dad's life, and weaving in anecdotes and other memories that revealed the impact he has made. Maybe one of the most rewarding aspects of the piece was that it sparked so many recollections we had nearly forgotten. You also discovered things some of us never knew, so as Christmas approaches, we now have even more material to talk about!

On behalf of all the Dolehides, young and young at heart, many thanks for your heartfelt work.


Brian Dolehide
Hinsdale, Illinois