When it comes to the world of blogging and social marketing and 2.0-This and Viral-Networking that and YouTube views by the millions, and whether it adds up to anything more worthwhile than 1.7 gallons of premium unleaded gas…

It can be very easy to forget, if only for a moment…

That it all breaks down–and fast–when you still don’t have a story that anyone really cares to ingest, digest or take in jest.

If this were 1978, I’d tell you to write on a chalkboard, 101 times:

“Content is still king. The quality and relevance of stories still matter, very much.”

But because it’s 2008, I’ll just send you to Seth Godin’s recent post about the movie Wall-e, and how it trumps all the new-fangled wisdom because it tells a whale of a story.

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