Recommended Resources

Seth Godin
One of the top marketing blogs in the world. Seth Godin is an extremely creative author, thought-provoking thinker, and all-around thought leader.

Agility PR Solutions (formerly Bulldog Reporter)
An information-packed website with a variety of tips and tools on effective public relations, including columns by yours truly, Matt Baron.

Malcolm Gladwell
Supremely gifted story-teller who is peerless in his ability to draw correlations between seemingly disparate topics. My brain grows every time I read his stuff or listen to his Revisionist History podcast.

David Meerman Scott – Viral Marketing
David Meerman Scott totally gets it, and he’s giving it to anyone with ears to hear, eyes to see, and viral marketing to get done.

Lasko Design
Websites are vital in communicating your message and projecting your image. If you like this site’s design, then connect with Sherri Lasko, the creative spirit behind it.

Educo Web Design
Talented, personable, hard-working and bend-over-backwards helpful. That sums up this Chicago-area web design firm that was behind this site’s smooth transition to a WordPress Content Management System.

Just kidding…at least I hope. If you need me to tell you about Google, then let me also tell you about this cool device called a telephone.