Less than a month after the Chicago Sun-Times featured XS Energy Drink’s proposal to create the U.S. Department of XS Energy, the Chicago Tribune is getting in on the tongue-in-cheek act.
In an editorial headlined “A Cabinet job for Paris?” in today’s edition, the Trib discusses Paris Hilton’s mocking video response to John McCain’s ad lumping Barack Obama into the Paris-Britney Spears celeb column.

The editorial concludes, “So, how about Paris Hilton for U.S. secretary of energy? She’s tanned, she’s rested, she’s totally ready. And for the first time, we’d have an energy secretary every American could name.”

With all due respect to Ms. Hilton, and the Trib’s editorial board, I feel obliged to issue this reminder: David Vanderveen, the proposed secretary of the U.S. Department of XS Energy was tanned, rested and totally ready a full month ago.

Compare the competing videos here:

XS Energy

Paris Hilton

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