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Current Speaking Programs:

With a passion for training, Matt Baron communicates to a wide range of audiences with confidence and clarity.

He applies practical insights with humor, as his work empowers groups large and small. From community groups to corporate and educational audiences, his programs consist of keynote presentations (up to 90 minutes), half-day and full-day seminars.

PR Secrets From A Media Insider

Do you want to increase your immediate chance of getting media coverage? What about establishing credibility and creating long-term relationships with key decision-makers in the newsroom?

Then shift your focus from what you want to what the media need.

In PR Secrets From A Media Insider, Matt shares practical, easy-to-apply principles that empower you to anticipate those needs and enjoy more—and more favorable—coverage.

Target Audience: Business owners, organizational leaders, general public.

Go Figure: Making Numbers Count

This practical, fun session is for anyone seeking to improve their command of math and statistics, as well as to use numbers in the best possible context. With insights relevant to publishers, editors and reporters as well as communications and public relations professionals, “Go Figure” helps you spot the intriguing numbers that lurk beneath the surface and provide you with the scoop.

Target Audience: Journalists, marketers, public relations.

Go Figure: Making Numbers Count (Teleseminar)

You need not be a numbers whiz to know that training by teleseminar is an attractive alternative in those cases where you want to save those two most precious commodities-time and money.

You gain practical, engaging insights that are immediately applicable-right on deadline in the offices where the seminar will be heard. Time is allocated throughout for participants to ask questions, further improving the learning process.

The teleseminar offers a great way to increase participation among organizations with time and budget constraints. The single-fee structure (regardless of the number of participants) will encourage more participation, and reduce members’ per capita training budget spending

Target Audience: Journalists, marketers, public relations.

Life-Saving Tips For Deadline Reporting

Based on two decades of experience in battling deadlines as a journalist, this session provides fresh, practical insights to reporters who must zero in on the most vital details of a story during those stressful times when they have hardly any time. “Life-Saving Tips” also provides strategies on how to dig out the hard-to-find nuggets that elevates a so-so story into a compelling tale that distinguishes your story from the competition.

Target Audience: Journalists, public relations.

Getting & Telling the Crisis Story

Compassion. Mental toughness. People skills. These are among the traits required to do justice to a source coping with a crisis or trauma. How do you approach a murder victim’s family? What are the key questions that open up a shell-shocked individual?

“Getting and Telling the Crisis Story” offers strategies that enable reporters to respect others’ grief while landing a story that goes beyond the facts and into the heart of matters.

For more background read Getting & Telling the Crisis Story