In this world of noise, with the volume always turned up, what’s your plan to overcome the din?

Call us at 708-860-1380. Distinguished by a world-class ability to identify the news in the seemingly mundane, we identify your distinctive qualities, pinpoint what your target audience wants, and execute on effective, efficient and creative ways to connect you to them.

Inside Edge is expert in anticipating and delivering what media outlets value most: a compelling story that engages and resonates with their audience.

Our strongest suit is in the Chicago and outlying media market, where we have more than 30 years of wide-ranging experience. Inside Edge PR + Media has helped over 100 businesses, non-profits, municipalities, associations, and other organizations in the region navigate a media landscape that is in perpetual flux. We also serve clients throughout the United States, along the way growing into a sought-after trainer for press associations, other public relations agencies, and business owners.

The foundation of Inside Edge PR + Media’s success is Matt Baron’s 20-plus years reporting for the Chicago Tribune, Time, USA Today, and other publications. His journalistic acumen and integrity ensure high-quality content that clicks with the media, connects with your audience, and helps you achieve your goals.

So how can we help you get the Inside Edge for your story?

Drop Matt a line or call 708-860-1380.

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