Journalist Captures the Essence of Your Special Someone

Do you know someone about to reach a notable birthday or anniversary? Maybe your company or organization wants to recognize stellar service. Is there a wedding, a graduation, retirement, or some other significant event on the horizon? Of course, you aren't obligated to wait for a milestone moment to publish an edition of Your Front Page. Everyone has a story to tell.

Employing interviewing and story-telling skills refined over more than two decades in journalism, Matt Baron has a knack of telling it like no one else.

He delivers the style, tone, content and front-page layout that transform your story into a gift to treasure, with presentation options that include framing and laminating. Your Front Page is a two-page, 11-by-17-inch edition that includes a tailored publication name (such as The Brittny Bugle, Pat's Press or The Humble Accounting), sidebars, headlines, photographs, quotes from various sources and many of the other elements you'd find in a newspaper. You have final approval on all elements of the story, and receive, by e-mail and hard copy, the final edition to share the news with an unlimited number of people. From the unsung hero too modest to trumpet his or her own achievements to the person who already "has everything," Your Front Page is a memorable keepsake that will remain in circulation for years to come.

Your Front Page is a wonderful gift not only for the recipient, but also the many sources whose collaborative input shape the story. A reporter since 1984, Matt Baron has been a regular freelance writer for the Chicago Tribune since 1999. For four years, he was also a freelance reporter for Time magazine. His work has appeared in numerous other publications, including USA Today and Sports Illustrated. Baron is a sought-after national speaker who trains journalists and other communications pros how to tell stories more effectively.