Inside Edge PR + Media’s Mission

Inside Edge: PR + Media helps organizations identify what sets them apart–and then proclaim it to the world in a memorable, compelling way. In the process, Inside Edge helps clients achieve their goals, whether that is profitability, prominence or a customized set of objectives.

What do you want to achieve? Our inside edge can help make it happen.

"Through Matt Baron’s leadership and insight into how to effectively position a story, Inside Edge identified how we could differentiate ourselves from our peers, and communicated that difference on our website and to the media. I was struck by Matt’s ability to conceive great story ideas, and then take the steps necessary to enable those ideas to come to fruition."
Dr. Eden Takhsh
Chicago Women’s Health

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The world is so noisy–and the volume keeps getting cranked up, with misinformation and outright lies contaminating the mix. What’s your plan to overcome the din?