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About Inside Edge

Since our 2005 inception, Inside Edge: Public Relations & Media Services has been on a mission. We help entrepreneurs and organizations seeking relevant and creative communications, ranging from public and media relations to marketing, social media and strategic services.

Reporters, editors, producers and radio hosts dismiss most pitches and news releases as self-serving drivel. As they should! By contrast, Inside Edge PR consistently generates engaging and timely stories that generate attention and acclaim that clients want by giving media outlets what they need: legitimate news, effectively crafted and creatively communicated.

Inside Edge PR news releases read like stories you find in major metropolitan dailies. The reason is simple: during his 20-plus years as a journalist, founder Matt Baron wrote extensively for major publications such as the Chicago Tribune and USA Today. It’s not uncommon for the media to publish Inside Edge PR‘s work with little, if any, revision.

What used to be known as the “mainstream media” is far from the only communication game around. Inside Edge PR empowers clients with thoughtful, relevant and, when appropriate, entertaining communication transmitted via websites, newsletters and other marketing materials targeted directly to clients, prospects and business peers.

Sample a tiny fraction of how Inside Edge PR has delighted clients in Success Stories.

It takes a courageous man (or a brazen PR guy) to wear red boots, mask & cape in front of a flower shop–or anywhere else for that matter!

Matt Baron, founder of Inside Edge: Public Relations & Media Services, has crafted stories professionally since 1984.

For the first 22 years, Matt reported for small-town weeklies, big-city dailies, and national magazines.

Along the way, he helped root out local government corruption, developed a super-heroic immunity to Tax Increment Financing-related stories and even drove the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile in connection with a feature assignment.

Matt’s work has appeared in scores of publications, including Time, USA Today and the Chicago Tribune. For a six-year period, he was one of the most prolific reporters for the Tribune. In 2004, while covering three communities (Oak Brook, Elmhurst & Cicero), he wrote 365 stories that spanned local government, business features, breaking news, profiles and more.

Now, along with his associates, Matt is on a mission to provide the inside edge that connects clients with not only their target audiences, but also media decision-makers who can amplify their stories. The Inside Edge advantage comes not only through strong media connections, but a firsthand knowledge of the challenges faced by reporters, editors, producers and other media decision-makers.

Since 2001, through workshops, webinars and columns, Matt has traveled throughout the United States and trained thousands of reporters, editors, publicists and other business leaders on myriad facets of the story-telling process. Topics include interviewing techniques, numerical literacy (aka Go Figure: Making Numbers Count), and working effectively with reporters under deadline pressure.

Top PR firms, including Golin and Edelman, recognize Matt’s expertise and have retained his counsel for all-day training sessions on media crisis management and cultivating positive relations with the media that generate results for clients.

In 1990, Matt received a Bachelor’s of Science degree in journalism from Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism. For nearly two decades, among other universities and schools, he has been a guest lecturer for Medill graduate- and undergraduate-level classes.

Other roles have included serving on the Oak Park Public Library Board and, since 2010, hosting “Oak Park’s Own” as well as “A Beer With Baron” for the Village of Oak Park’s cable channel, VOP-TV.

Since May 2017, Matt has served on the District 200 Oak Park and River Forest High School Board.

He and his wife, Bridgett, have 15-year-old twin children who are “graduates” of the Baron Academy of Fun & Fundamental Learning (BAFFLe), a six-year eclectic home-schooling experience. They are among those who are bemused and somewhat bewildered by Matt’s ambidextrous free-throw shooting zeal that has seen him make 83% of more than 72,000 free throw attempts in his spare time.


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“For nearly a quarter of a century I have wished there were more people like Matt Baron in the world. I believe that Matt’s truly rare and unique gifts as a veteran writer, humorist, presenter, math genius, advocate for social justice and public relations guru (to name but a few) come from his deep sense of integrity. Matt is a man of his word, who consistently delivers on all fronts. Most of all, Matt Baron is a true friend. He makes everything look so easy – but he’s really all about hard work, and for all the right reasons. Matt’s boundless enthusiasm isn’t just infectious, it’s highly communicable. I congratulate anyone fortunate enough to call Matt Baron a member of their team.”

David Ackerman, Writer/Director, Citizen Pictures

“Matt is first a very good journalist, a true wordsmith. This gives him a great foundation for being an effective PR practitioner. I see that he cares deeply about his clients’ success and is a hard worker. He’s also a great collaborator.”

Jason Sherman, Owner, SHERMAN communications & marketing, inc.

“I’ve worked with many writers and PR professionals — Matt stands out as one of the best with his talent, his insights, and his professionalism. He exceeds expectations on many levels to produce outstanding results. And… he’s a cool guy to work with. I look forward to many more collaborations in the future.”

Sherri Lasko, Owner, Lasko Design & Marketing

“Matt is an excellent trainer, writer, entrepreneur and friend. I have recommended his workshops, services and web sites repeatedly.”

Steve Buttry, Writing Coach/National Correspondent, Omaha World-Herald

“WOW! What an impressive guy! Matt really works hard to exceed goals and client expectations. He consistently goes way above and beyond the call of duty on his projects! He is someone I do not hesitate to work with or recommend. I feel very lucky to know him.”

Ria Davidson, Principal, Ria Davidson Communications

“I’ve known Matt for several years now, and I wish only the best for him. Matt Baron is one of those people who seems to have it all. He’s a gifted wordsmith, an engaging speaker, a true professional, a genuinely good person and a great family man. Plus, he’s really tall. You know, I don’t think that’s really fair, now that I think about it. He must have some flaws. Maybe he doesn’t turn in his library books on time.”

Geoff Williams, author & journalist

“I worked with Matt during my time at the Beacon-News when he worked for our sister paper The Courier-News in Elgin. Matt was a first-class reporter who set the agenda for the other reporters on his beat.”

Bill Catching, Reporter, The Beacon-News