Pick Up the Phone, Break Away From PR Pack

Notwithstanding Inside Edge PR‘s journalistic style of developing content for dissemination to the media, it’s been more than five years since I regularly committed acts of journalism.

Yet I still remain on a bevy of publicists’ media lists. Almost daily, I get multiple news releases that encompass theater, health and fitness, Indiana tourism, healthcare and more–oh, so much more.

This underscores a PR fundamental that is sorely lacking in the marketplace: picking up the phone and actually calling members of the media. Radical, I know.

But if any of the above-mentioned releases had been accompanied by a phone call, then they’d realize that I’m no longer a viable media target. Instead, I’m just a piece of the wall where they are flinging mud.

For those in the business of trying to get your stories told to a broader audience, that’s no way to get the job done. By contrast, one surefire way to separate yourself from the competitive PR pack is to go beyond the comfort (and relative futility) of relying on mass e-mails.

After all, while one of the easiest things to do is send an e-mail, deleting that same e-mail is equally simple. And the deleter increasingly views your e-mails as white noise or spam–hardly the stuff of building a constructive relationship or well-regarded professional reputation.

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E-Mail Just One Part of Engaging the Media

Relying on e-mail alone to communicate news releases to the media is Public Relations Malpractice.

Pick up the darn phone and make a phone call, among other things, and you’ll separate yourself very rapidly from the PR pack. Sending e-mail is among the easiest acts anyone can perform. So is deleting that very same e-mail.

Don’t let the ease with which you can send a blizzard of news releases blind you to the fact that it’s just one step in the process of engaging reporters, editors, producers and other decision-makers.

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