Ride IV Reasons: Guinness Bid Gets Under Way

On Sunday night, with the much-awaited start of Ride IV Reasons, Inside Edge PR entered the marathon PR phase of its effort in support of that Guinness World Record attempt.

George Hood, a 52-year-old Aurora, Ill. man, has already set the Guinness mark twice—only to have the record eclipsed shortly thereafter by other ultra-athletes. This time, George wants to stretch the record so far (over 12 ½ days to a staggering 300 hours) that it discourages anyone else from ever trying to top it.

The journey will play out in the space most recently occupied by Lazarus Furniture, in the Aurora Marketplace Shopping Center, at the northwest corner of Route 59 and 75th St. It is most certainly open to the public, so if you’re anywhere close, be sure to swing by as there are a variety of activities under way. Details are at the Ride IV Reasons website.

You can also see George live via video webstream.

The fund-raising goal is $200,000. Beneficiaries will be the Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund, which provides support to Marines injured in Afghanistan and Iraq and their families; and a variety of programs through the United Way of Fox Valley, about an hour west of Chicago.

It’s the third time I’ve done public relations as George has gone on a protracted spin and I encourage you to get involved as well in some way, through your time, a financial donation, or both. It’s always gratifying to be part of something so much bigger than any one individual person.

More updates to follow. Meantime, you can see the countdown to the start right here.

Inside Edge Aboard to Promote Ride IV Reasons

This past Saturday night, I went to a former furniture store in Aurora to check in on George Hood, a world-class endurance athlete who since 2006 has been pushing his body to the brink in pursuit of the Guinness World Record for the spin cycle marathon.

Officially twice and informally once, I’ve publicized all three of George’s prior rides, including the first one in January 2007 that attracted global media coverage and may well have spurred on some of the one-upsmanship that has ensued between George and other ultra-endurance athletes.

About five weeks ago, Inside Edge PR was brought aboard by the United Way of Fox Valley for George’s next–and presumably last–effort, Ride IV Reasons.

George has captured the Guinness World Record twice–at 111-plus hours and then at 177-plus hours. Both times, he hoped the record would stick for a while, but both times they were toppled in short order. This time around, George is looking to extend the record to a mind-blowing 300 hours, even as he tries to spearhead $200,000in fund-raising.

You can read more about his background, and the great causes that he’s riding on behalf, at RideGeorgeRide.org.

I’ve also set up a YouTube channel for his current campaign, Ride IV Reasons. One of the videos on the site, showing the gritty process of George subjecting himself to one of the all-too-brief naps that are allowed under Guinness guidelines, is below.