The brilliantly stupid film Zoolander…ESPN’s Mike Greenberg…and the topic of vandalism—all make cameos in a sprawling chat that I had last week with Mark Bazer of The Interview Show.

As I mentioned to Mark in my opening remarks, he was on my list of candidates in part because he has blazed the trail so well for interview shows in bar settings. And as I learned more about him, the more we discovered uncanny parallels in our personal and professional lives.

Although we didn’t cover it during the segment, one example is that we both attended Spinal Tap’s May 1992 concert at The Riviera in Chicago. Pretty safe to say that no other Beer With Baron guests were at that one.

With some improvisational twists and turns along the way, see how this 10th (and longest) round of A Beer With Baron all somehow comes together. (And for a review of the previous nine rounds, as well as previous “Oak Park’s Own” segments, check out the “Related Posts” links below.)

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