From my interview on the NIU video honoring William Doyle.

Two years ago, I had the honor of writing about three people who had given generously to their alma mater, Northern Illinois University.

Then, two months ago, I had the added privilege of being asked to speak on camera about these individuals, Howard and Evelyn Lanan, and William Doyle, all of whom were deceased by the time I was assigned the profiles.

Much of the narrative for each video was drawn from the stories that I wrote–a compliment, since it suggests that I had some success in my attempt to write about these people in a conversational, engaging way.

Thanks to Angela Johansson of the NIU Foundation for the assignments and to Angela as well as Milo Ortega for their stellar work in creating the videos celebrating these recipients of the NIU Foundation Award for High Impact Philanthropy:

You can see the videos on the Lanans and on Mr. Doyle, on the NIU Alumni Association’s Vimeo channel.

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