How do you turn a $25 investment into untold thousands of dollars of ongoing business?

You’ll have a chance to do that on Thursday, June 10, by taking in what Joe Takash has to share on behalf of the LaGrange Business Association. (Click on the image to the left)

My declaration isn’t theory, but is based on my own experience with Joe since first meeting him in 2001.

An author, speaker and business coach, Joe’s wise counsel has helped me earn many thousands of dollars more in speaking, training and business-consulting fees than I would otherwise have received.

A few cases in point:

One time in 2002, as Joe was sitting across from me and guiding me on the art of negotiation, I received a phone call from a press association director. It was such ridiculously perfect timing….thanks to Joe, gesturing firmly across the desk from me, I stood my ground on a fee quote that I otherwise would have budged on. It meant an additional $500.

There have also been times when he’s saved me from getting into bad business deals. In 2003, Joe was instrumental in helping me avoid a major headache, and drain on my time and resources. I had established a retainer fee with a company that wanted me to devote scores of hours on developing a curriculum that I would have shared with communications professionals all across the country.

After agreeing to the upfront payment, the firm hemmed, hawed and, ultimately, balked at paying the retainer. Joe let me know this was a red flag.

I confidently walked away from what was quickly proving to be a bad business relationship–though I wouldn’t have known to do so without Joe’s having been there, done that, and been willing to steer me clear of such dysfunction.

And of course there’s no way I can measure his impact in so many “little” ways that have added up to a much stronger positioniong for me and Inside Edge PR in the marketplace.

This is particularly relevant to share now because Joe is making a rare public presentation on Thursday, June 10, at Via Bella, 5412 S. LaGrange Road in Countryside.

Usually, companies and organizations get Joe onto a planes and bring him in from faraway spots to get practical, bottom-line insights and high-energy, memorable inspiration.

So for those in the Chicago area, June 10th represents a prime opportunity in your backyard to learn from this remarkable speaker and business mind.

Blending what he has observed as smart behaviors that build business opportunities with the values that resonate with us personally, Joe’s topic is “The Values that Drive Opportunity.”

“My guarantee is that you will laugh, with me or at me,” says Joe. “But there will be great energy, great people and a fun professional and social gathering.”

Tickets are $25 apiece, or $20 if you bring a friend or buy a table of eight. That covers appetizers with networking from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. Joe’s presentation is from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m. All proceeds benefit the YMCA Special Olympics program of the Greater LaGrange YMCA.

To purchase tickets, contact Zach Silver at or 708-724-4253.

And if you can’t make it on June 10th, do the next best thing and get your hands on a copy of Joe’s book, Results Through Relationships.

For more about Joe, see some prior Inside Edge PR blog posts right here.

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