You may have heard of this woman who lives in Chicago. She goes by the unusual name of–what was that name again?–oh, yeah: Oprah!

I jest, of course. Oprah may be more popular than her good pal, President-elect Barack Obama. And she has staying power, now in the midst of what would probably be her fifth term in the Office of Outrageous Popularity & Influence (if the rest of the world operated on four-year re-election cycles.)

When new clients talk with me, it usually takes less than 10 minutes for them to mention her name and, more precisely, her outrageously successful talk show. The phrase usually begins: “If there’s any way you could get me on Oprah…”

I’ve not yet landed an Oprah spot for anyone, but someone who has repeatedly media coached clients for the show is Susan Harrow, a talented media trainer and publicity and marketing expert from California. Back in June, I wrote about Susan and her great insights on getting on any talk show.

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