Every once in a while, there’s a story that really, viscerally reminds me of why I got into journalism, why I stayed it in for two decades–and why I consider myself a journalist for life even if I’ve been committing repeated acts of public relations for the past half-decade or so.

It’s the opportunity to play a significant role in skillfully relating stories of significant people, events and issues. Along the way, the gratificaton deepens if you can capture elements of the story that other reporters would never come close to touching.

The other day, that feeling came upon me when I read a masterfully written piece by Lori Basheda in the Orange County Register. With meticulous reporting and suspenseful writing, she had my heart pounding (literally) as I took in the life-saving effort of pro surfer James Pribram as he pulled a 22-year-old woman from the Pacific Ocean.

You can read the story here on the OC Register website.


P.S. After posting a link to the story on my Facebook page, one friend noted that it brought back memories of her own near-drowning experience many years ago. And that remark just now reminds me of my own mother’s recounting, more than a few times, how she nearly drowned as a young adult–and survived thanks to a life guard’s rescue.

There is something about near-death experiences that is, understandably, so gripping. What about you? If you’re like most adults, it’s not a matter of whether you have such a story, but which one stands out in your memory? I encourage you to write about it, even if only for your own reflection.

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