Say it ain’t so, JoePa!

Sadly, longtime Penn State football coach Joe Paterno didn’t say enough–and to the appropriate people, such as law enforcement authorities–when he learned of allegations of criminal sexual misconduct regarding his former defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky.

Last night, as the Herman Cain sexual harrassment scandal continued to unravel and as Paterno was terminated from his post, the shared timing of these stories was uncanny.

Both the Cain and Paterno camps reflect an out-of-touch, above-it-all mindset. And that’s what is resulting in their respective come-uppance.

For Paterno, disgraced and dismissed, he’s out of work, his legacy severely damaged. For Cain, out of the running for President (just watch–he’s toast within a week), an instant cautionary tale and a future political trivia question.

Of course, these men don’t live in isolation. Both have been surrounded by some significantly incompetent characters who have not helped their cause.

For an insightful look at that common ground, check out “Embroiled In Crisis: The Less Than Obvious Commonalities Shared Between Herman Cain and Penn State,” by Aaron Perlut at Bulldog Reporter.

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