Today, on the VoiceAmerica Business Channel, I had the honor of being a guest on Smart Behavior Strategies with Joe Takash.

Last week, Joe had Jeffrey Gitomer on as a guest and in the coming weeks he will be interviewing top business leaders like Brian Tracy, Tony Allesandra, Patrick Lencioni and several other best-selling authors.

Just a few minutes of listening to Joe (author of Results Through Relationships and owner of Victory Consulting) is enough to see how he’s able to draw such immense talent: he is by turns hilarious, insightful, poignant, self-effacing and dynamic.

Above all, though, Joe delivers golden nuggets of practical wisdom borne of years in the business world.

So there I was this morning, smack dab in the middle of all those luminaries, for about a half-hour.

There was a reference to Starsky & Hutch, the “Guttenberg Effect” that I’ve coined, a pop math quiz that caught me only slightly off-guard, and discussion of the most common press release mistakes to avoid.

If you want to listen to our wide-ranging talk, through the wonders of modern technology, you can. It was entitled “Get Connected: Communication Secrets from a Media Insider.”

A big “thank you” to Joe for inviting me on his show, and for allowing me to share some of my views with his listeners.

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