Inside Edge PR received a nice mention from Ariane Fisher of Storymix Media recently on the Chicago firm’s blog.

You can see the ditty, which emphasizes the importance of video testimonials in helping attracting customers, at the My Photo Video blog.

Inside Edge PR is “at the forefront of establishing a video presence for the clients they represent,” Fisher wrote. As I emphasize with all my clients, it’s one thing to establish a video presence and it’s quite another to develop it on a more sophisticated level.

That’s where Storymix Media comes into play. The company takes raw footage and elevates the final product through its editing, graphical and other technological know-how.

This post wouldn’t seem complete without a video testimonial, so below you can find one that Tricia Miller of Serenity Acupuncture graciously provided about a year ago. You can see more at the Inside Edge PR channel.

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