A Winning PR Recipe: Timely Stories

Some stories require nuance and a delicate mix of elements to make for a promising pitch to the media.

But others have a recipe no more complicated than making ice. They simply teem with timing.

A news release on how to safely shovel snow isn’t such a hot idea in July, but in the Chicago area–and anywhere Old Man Winter strikes–it makes for relevant, desirable copy that helps the media render service to the public.

On behalf of Nakamura Chiropractic & Acupuncture, a Schaumburg-based practice that has retained Inside Edge PR since last April, I recently sent one such piece, headlined “Snow Way: Local Chiropractor Offers Save Shoveling Tips,”, to some media in the Chicago area.

OK, that’s an obvious one. In thinking about your company or cause, what’s going in the next few days, weeks, or months–in your area, in this country, in your industry or in any way whatsoever–that provides a logical, newsworthy tie-in to what you do?

Brainstorm a list of ideas and begin implementing the best ones sooner rather than later, while time is still on your story-telling side.

Father’s Day Presents a PR Opportunity

Father’s Day is 11 days away–have you thought about how it may help you promote your business or organization?

One of my clients is Nakamura Chiropractic & Acupuncture in Schaumburg. Its leader, Dr. Hiroya Nakamura, is continuing a wonderful, international family legacy that makes it a natural fit for the media.

Today, Sara Lugardo, Chicago’s Asian Community Examiner, posted a column on the Nakamura family tradition at Examiner.com.

The news release is also online at Triblocal.com.