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Humor + Humanity in Communication Paves The Way to a Great First Impression

I really am trying to write shorter blog posts–I preach it all the time and you are more likely to read this entire ditty if I stopped right after this sentence. But I promise this one is worth the extra effort you’ll require to dig in here. In fact, extra effort–just a modest amount, mind […]

The Importance Of Being Like Ernest (Hemingway)

William Faulkner, overly fond of overly long sentences, or Ernest Hemingway: which novelist would thrive in today’s Twitter-y 140-character-or-less, attention-span-challenged world? Hemingway. No doubt. Mr. Brevity himself. Besides having a realistic view of how much time your audience will devote to any given subject-word-predicate combination, “writing tight” helps aid comprehension. (At 23 words, that last […]