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You Snooze, You Lose: Get Onto YouTube

Did you know that you can secure a YouTube channel in less than 60 seconds? If you are part of a cause or company that may–just may–make use of YouTube in the future, you should hop on it pronto, before someone else (like me) gets to it first. Just go to YouTube and click on […]

Provocative Keywords Help Spark Attention

What’s in a name? The ability to attract attention, for one thing. This morning I was reviewing the 150-odd (some odder than others) videos on my YouTube channel. Most of them stem from public-relations outreach I’ve provided for clients, such as Downtown Oak Park’s mass dog wedding (a Guinness World Record attempt) in November 2008, […]

Social Media Create New Adoption Options

A recent CNN.com story on innovative social-media approaches to adopting children is just the latest example of how our world has drastically changed in recent years. I’ve documented numerous examples, in this blog and elsewhere, that underscore how the collective “traditional” media is no longer the sole arbiter of what is newsworthy. (News flash! ANYONE […]