Four of the top reasons why publicists should shoot their own videos:

1. It provides another avenue for communicating directly with your target audience.

Uploading a clip onto a site like YouTube creates a permanent home for you to convey your message, long after the story pitch’s original timeframe.

2. It is a helpful tool in making your story pitch to the media.

Who isn’t drawn to video more than words? Tap into the human tendency, even among word mavens like newspaper editors, to have a weakness for a short video over a 500-word release on a computer screen.

3. It can air directly on television.

That was the case with a video that I shot during my “Super Shopper Spotter” campaign two years ago. Inside Marion Street Cheese Market, with its marketing director, Michelle Dirks shooting away, I approached a customer and awarded him with a gift certificate as part of the “Shop Local” promotion.

WGN-TV, amused by the stunt, aired the clip a few mornings later.

4. It eliminates copyright issues, since you are the creator of the content.

Check it out below–I posted the Super Shopper Spotter clip on this blog….I can re-broadcast the clip any time, even years later.

Super Shopper Spotter-At Marion Street Cheese Market

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