When Re-Tooling Isn’t Enough to Get it Done, Then It’s Time To Report

There are certain sensitive, “adult” things that I will share with my wife, outside my 9-year-old children’s earshot.

If that news contains some elements that my son and daughter should know, then I will tease out those details that I believe are most appropriate for them.

Likewise, when taking a story that has national scope and seeing how it relates to a local audience, that “know your audience” principle is at play. And sometimes it goes beyond merely re-tooling the release with a local angle in the lead.

You can read the rest of the column, which was published on Sunday, here at BulldogReporter.com.




‘Bulldog Reporter’ Publishes My Latest Column on Effective Media Relations

The NFL playoffs are in high gear, but when Bulldog Reporter this past Thursday published a column that I wrote, it was baseball that formed the backdrop for my metaphorical tips on building strong relationships with the media.

The column, In Media Relations, ‘Fastball’ Pitches Go Nowhere Fast, marks my latest piece on the website that is especially targeted to public-relations practitioners and other professional communicators.

Bulldog Reporter has scheduled publication later this month of another public relations advice column that I penned.




Bulldog Reporter Publishes Truth-in-PR Piece

It’s true–I’ve been hammering hard lately on the fibbing front and the damage that lies can wreak on anyone’s credibility, reputation and overall bottom-line in the marketplace.

And so it is that The Four Horsemen of the Apocryphal–the military, academic, athletic and business lies that I have observed in my career–were front and center in an essay I recently wrote.

It was published in the Barks & Bites section of today’s Bulldog Reporter.

You can read the piece: “Let’s Have More Truth in PR: Anticipate Journalist Questions—and Root Out Client Fibs in Four Key Areas.”

The essay, which built off some recent Inside Edge PR blog posts, can also be found at my new Truth In PR blog.

If you have a Truth-in-PR issue you’d like to raise, just e-mail me at Matt@InsideEdgePR.com

In Bulldog Reporter: `Words Still Matter’

Late last year, the Medill School of Journalism solicited input from alumni about the future of journalism. I shared some thoughts at the time, but knew it was an incomplete effort.

That’s almost always the way with the stories I write–the feeling that more could be done. Now, at least, those original ruminations have expanded into fuller form.

They appear today in Bulldog Reporter’s Barks & Bites, in an essay bearing the headline, Words Still Matter in a Web 2.0 World: The Future of Journalism and PR Lie in Storytelling.

I invite you to check it out, and offer your perspective, either on the Bulldog Reporter site or via the Inside Edge PR blog.

Obama’s FOIA Move Holds Key PR Lesson

Though he may well have been driven by even loftier motives, shortly after taking office two weeks ago, President Barack Obama made a decision that, from a public-relations standpoint, was most astute.

To read my piece, “Obama’s FOIA Move Holds Key PR Lesson: Open the Front Door,” check out the essay at BulldogReporter.com.