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Bulldog Reporter Publishes Truth-in-PR Piece

It’s true–I’ve been hammering hard lately on the fibbing front and the damage that lies can wreak on anyone’s credibility, reputation and overall bottom-line in the marketplace. And so it is that The Four Horsemen of the Apocryphal–the military, academic, athletic and business lies that I have observed in my career–were front and center in […]

The Four Hot Spots For Tall Tales: Military, Academics, Athletics & Business

In my Inside Edge PR post on Monday, I touched on the perils of fibbing or embellishing–OK, let’s call it like it is, lying–in the stories that we tell. In this case, an ex-baseball player is trying to stretch a single (a few low-level minor-league baseball seasons) into a home run (Major Leagues) in his […]

This Much Is True: Place a PR Premium on Truth

Last week, I received a marketing letter from a financial adviser who listed “played for the Chicago Cubs” among his bulleted background points. Hmm. I didn’t recognize his name, so looked him up on the authoritative Retrosheet and Baseball Reference websites. He wasn’t on either site, though I did find some minor-league stats for him […]