Social Media Backlash is Natural: Steps You Can Take Without Having it Take Over Your Life

Anyone else notice an increased level of backlash against social media in general and Facebook specifically?

Yesterday, it was Garry Meier of WGN Radio, who wasn’t so much as trashing it as he was questioning how and why it fits into our media-saturated lives.

This is all a natural (and recurring) response to anything that takes an increasingly prominent place (some might say “invades”) in our lives. And it’s especially prone to happen when we didn’t really see it coming–it just sort of happened incrementally.

We’ve all heard (or are) the stories of people who scoffed at Facebook, checked it out once to see what the fuss was all about…and got hooked within minutes.

Whether you are born again in social media or a social media sourpuss, the below slideshow, which I first created in March 2009, may be a helpful reminder of the simple step-by-step process that you can take in this realm–without having it take over your life.

(Note: this presentation was geared toward an Oak Park, Ill. audience, so the “Pope” you see with the red ticket is David Pope, our village president. A little inside joke there.)

One last thing: it’s still lawful to become a fan of Inside Edge PR.

Savvy Kanye: Crazy Like A PR Fox

Three things I know about Kanye West:

1. He has a knack for saying foolish things at the most inappropriate times, such as his stage-storming incident the other night when he dissed Taylor Swift.

2. He knows how to keep his name in the news, in a big way. As I told John Williams of WGN Radio this morning (after he solicited callers to comment on Krazy Kanye), Mr. West has a tremendous reservoir of PR savvy, in crazy-like-a-fox style.

3. His pause on the Leno show last night was a bunch of show-biz hokum. Puh-lease. And his excuse that he had failed to properly grieve his mother’s death, and that is a factor in his anti-social antics? C’mon, Kanye, keep the sympathy card close to your vest.

Still, the guy’s got a shameless gift for drawing attention to himself.

How many more people tuned in to Leno because they wanted to see what Kanye would do next? I would be willing to bet that his presence gave the show an extra 5% of viewers, at minimum.