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Facebook Shift to ‘Boost Post’ Inspires Bevy of Tongue-in-Cheek Ideas

Not long ago, I began seeing “Boost Post” instead of “Promote Post” on the various Facebook pages that I administer. Whether it was the Five Seasons Family Sports Clubs in Northbrook and Burr Ridge, McAdam Landscaping in Forest Park, the Kenosha Area Business Alliance, my own Inside Edge PR page, or any of the others, […]

Social Media Motivation: Let it Be Excellence, Not Merely Checking-the-Box Expectations

Like anything in life, social media should be more than something you do out of obedience or fear. It should be something you engage in to do better, to be better. If the overriding motivation is because your rivals are doing it, or because others say you should do it, or because you’re afraid of […]

How To Capitalize on Facebook Opening the Door on Personalizing Fan Page Suggestions

Until recently, Facebook had a glaring oversight when it came to Fan Pages: if you wanted to suggest a Fan Page to someone, you were unable to include a personalized note. But about two weeks ago, there came a welcome change. Now you can jot a note with that suggestion. So the question you may […]

Growing A Facebook Family With Tom & Eddie’s

One of Inside Edge PR’s favorite clients, Tom & Eddie’s, is ramping up quickly toward its Grand Opening at the Yorktown Mall in Lombard, Ill. on Friday. The past few weeks, in a complementary role to the outstanding lead work provided by Ginny Richardson Public Relations, one of my primary responsibilities has been posting content […]

In Social Media, Basic Blunders Still Hurt

Being in the Social Media realm is no excuse for a slipshod presentation. If anything, given the SM universe’s viral and omnipresent nature, it’s all the more important to dot your i’s and cross your t’s. In rendering judgment about your professionalism, people still look upon old-fashioned notions like proper grammar, correct spelling and otherwise […]

Face(book) It: Go Where the Puck Will Be

Whenever I advise people to jump into the social media fray–often in relation to promoting their business or cause–there’s always that look I get in return. It’s not a deer-in-headlights look, mind you. No, it’s much more dire than that: this is the patented deer-that’s-already-been-run-over-by-a-Mack Truck-look. It’s the look of someone who is on the […]

Some Recent `Tips of the Inside Edge’

Since early February, I have been posting a daily “Tip of the Inside Edge” at the Inside Edge PR Fan Page on Facebook. (To visit the page, type “Inside Edge PR” in the Facebook search box.) Here is the collection of tips from the past week:Pick up the darn phone once in awhile. E-mail is […]

Candidly Drawing the Social Networking Line

I recently asked someone to be my “friend” on Facebook. He declined. My immediate, gut response: pleased and impressed. On the surface, my reaction may seem odd. But let’s consider some background: I’ve spoken with this particular individual, a newspaper reporter, about five times over the past few years, as he worked on stories with […]

Marching Out On a Social Media Note

It’s been a social-media kind of day here at Inside Edge PR international headquarters. Walked a block down the street to Marion Street Cheese Market, where I shared some pointers on how to navigate on Facebook, LinkedIn and the like, at “Social Networking Sites–Are You Connected?” Shared photos and some text with Triblocal.com,as well as […]