Since early February, I have been posting a daily “Tip of the Inside Edge” at the Inside Edge PR Fan Page on Facebook.

(To visit the page, type “Inside Edge PR” in the Facebook search box.)

Here is the collection of tips from the past week:

Pick up the darn phone once in awhile. E-mail is a great complementary avenue, but there’s nothing like actually speaking with another human being to build stronger connection and understanding.

Show, Don’t Just Tell. In any endeavor, when meeting with prospective clients, find ways to show your value–and not merely talk about it.

The quality and quantity of follow-up questions help set apart outstanding connectors from ineffective or even average connectors.

When you hear “show up early, stay late” is the key to success, it might seem like a ton of extraordinary effort. Often, though, it just means five minutes on either side.

Write a sincere hand-written thank you note some time before you die. It’ll shock the recipient. And leave a positive impression.

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