It had been 75 days since I last wore a red cape, but who was counting?

On Tuesday, I returned to super-hero action by playing the role of “Census Count Crusader.” It was part of the Village of Oak Park’s awareness-raising efforts for the 2010 Census.

With visits to Oak Park and River Forest High School (including a foray into the cafeteria, above photo) and Oak Park Village Hall (nearly two hours) for a Census Rally, I had more super-hero red boot time than my day’s journey in standard, mere-mortal footwear.

That must count for something, though I’ve yet to quite figure out what.

The rally at village hall was part of the 2010 Census Portrait of America Road Tour.

Cruising around village hall during the rally to interview a variety of folks, I teamed up for some fun, informative interviews at the direction of Joe Kreml, the village’s talented cable station producer and the brains behind the now-legendary Super Shopper Spotter commercial.

Thanks to Village Clerk Teresa “Terry” Powell for pulling me back into Superhero-land. Three months ago, I wore much the same costume as Super Shopper Spotter. The only change Tuesday was a shirt bearing the “Census Count Crusader” logo (left).

When asked about the SSS on my cape, I had a ready answer: Super Statistical Summarizer–surely that will be the alter ego for a future Halloween costume.

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