Until recently, Facebook had a glaring oversight when it came to Fan Pages: if you wanted to suggest a Fan Page to someone, you were unable to include a personalized note.

But about two weeks ago, there came a welcome change. Now you can jot a note with that suggestion. So the question you may have is should I include a note?

Absolutely–and it ought to go beyond the obvious “Hey, I think you’d like to be a Fan of XYZ Cause or ABC Organization or LMN Business.”

Communicate in terms of what’s in it for the individual to whom you are making the suggestion. Tell him or her why they should become a Fan.

Here are excerpts from a notes that I sent to friends last week:

“…I am helping with the Facebook Fan Page for BHG/Gloor and giving away $10 gift cards weekly when folks submit song names with real estate related titles (such as “Our House” or “Homeward Bound” etc.). Come play!”

“…I am helping promote Five Seasons Burr Ridge’s Facebook Fan Page. Our Fans win prizes, get helpful fitness tips and keep posted on other related news. Come join us!”

“…I am helping with the Facebook Fan Page for McAdam Landscaping. To our Fans, we award gift cards, provide helpful gardening/landscaping tips and generally add value to their FB experience. Want to come join us?”

If you are tempted to get long-winded, you’ll soon find Facebook limits the number of words you can write. So you’ll have to keep your message succinct, which is as it should be, anyhow.

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