Much afoot with Inside Edge PR, including a great cause that was oh-so-easy to get behind: raising awareness about an outreach to help the family of Gunnar Hotchkin, a Hinsdale native who was killed in Afghanistan earlier this year.

Starting on Saturday, Oct. 23, the indefatigable George Hood is aiming for another Guinness World Record and using the platform to raise money for the Hotchkins, as noted in this TribLocal piece.

If George’s name looks familiar, it may be because I have blogged about him before, in addition to providing PR support, either officially or informally, for all five of his GWR bids on the spin bike.

For nearly four years, I have publicized George, whose record-setting rides (as well as a few that fell short) are a testimony to his endurance and generosity of spirit in raising awareness and money for worthwhile and important endeavors.

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