Not long ago, I began seeing “Boost Post” instead of “Promote Post” on the various Facebook pages that I administer.

Whether it was the Five Seasons Family Sports Clubs in Northbrook and Burr Ridge, McAdam Landscaping in Forest Park, the Kenosha Area Business Alliance, my own Inside Edge PR page, or any of the others, “boost” became an everyday presence in my professional online travels.

At first sight of this semantic shift, I had to chuckle. It’s apparent that Facebook is tinkering with different words or phrases to see if they can boost their success in this realm of revenue creation. Or maybe “promote” is a better word?

More Facebook Tweaks to Come

As this Inside Facebook post indicates, another term that has popped up for people is “get more reach.” And if there are not any other variations already, it is undoubtedly only a matter of time before Facebook tweaks their approach even more.

Having employed words extensively to make a living for more than 25 years, I respect and appreciate what Facebook is striving to do. That’s why in this piece, we will offer a little (tongue-in-cheek) assistance to the not-quite-10-year-old social-media phenomenon.

Let’s have some fun and start by imagining Facebook could tailor its words and phrases based on certain traits of any given individual. Oh, yeah, they already do that in myriad ways, don’t they? But in terms of the whole “boost”/”promote” thing, try these on for size:

For those with big egos, the paranoid, narcissists, and more…

For publicists/marketers (gotta poke fun at me and my colleagues first): Spin This Up Good.

For take-charge, big-ego types: Disseminate at Will As You Dominate All Discussion.

For shy, reserved types: Psst…Perhaps Let a Few Others Know?

For the paranoid: They Are All Watching, Waiting & Wondering Why You Haven’t Shared This Yet!

For narcissists: Everyone Deserves to Know What You Have to Say–And To See Your Gorgeous Face Too.

For politicians: It’s Never Too Early to Start Campaigning for Your Next Election.

For Nike fans: Just Share It.

For NSA top-secret information leakers: Go To Hong Kong, Then Spill the Beans.

What are some other categories and accompanying phrases that you would add? Drop me a line at and we will add the best suggestions to this post in the future. Of course, we will ‘boost’ your name by including it as credit.

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