327167_10150350949021980_820976822_oIf you’re like me, then you are less likely to read something that touts 33 Ways to Tell When Someone Is Going to Ramble on Forever than to sneak a peek at 3 Really Beautiful People You Should Meet.

Let’s face it: most of us like three-word phrases that precede a colon. Oh, and really short sentences. Even shorter columns. Like this. Right?

So let’s get on with it, and dig into—well, skim the surface, actually—7 Ways That Thought-Leader Pieces With Odd-Numbered Tips Really Have Gotten out of Hand

  1. Did you think I was going to start at 7, and count down to 1? I suppose we could try that. Maybe next time.
  2. Notice that there’s a really attractive woman who, inexplicably, is the illustration for this post? That’s so you are more likely to click. So cynical of me.
  3. Three is an odd number. So are 1, 5 and 7. More on #5 and #7 below.
  4. Did you know that “four” has four letters—and that no other number (in the English language, that is) can lay claim to having a number of letters equal to the number itself? Deep!
  5. As noted previously, 5 is an odd number. Like 4, it has four letters.
  6. Flip six upside down and it’s 9. You probably knew that. But have you tried to flip eight on its side? Sort of looks like the symbol for infinity, which is close to the number of views, likes, comments and viral social-media treatments that this thought-leader piece is going to get—thanks in no small part to that pretty woman. She’s my wife.
  7. This was going to be “6 Ways That Thought-Leader Pieces With Odd-Numbered Tips Really Have Gotten Out of Hand.” That would just be the height of cynicism, and a cheap way for me to “get even” with all those pseudo-thought leaders out there.

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