Black Hole RahmIn my years as a journalist, I filed hundreds of requests to taxing bodies through the Illinois Freedom of Information Act.

Over time, it became clear that some entities wielded FOIA as a mechanism for suppressing information—they would drag their heels before coming up with a highly questionable basis for limiting information they provided or denying the request outright.

Yes, I’m especially looking at you, Town of Cicero. In the immediate aftermath of the felonious regime of Betty Loren-Maltese, when I covered the community for the Chicago Tribune, it got so Kafka-esque ridiculous that I had to resort to filing FOIA requests to get something so basic as a copy of the upcoming Town Board’s agenda.

One time, a “renegade” trustee met me, all the while looking over his or her shoulder, so that I could get a look at the agenda. (Note how I am still protecting this courageous source by not disclosing gender.)

Intrigue Reigns in Laquan McDonald Matter

So it’s especially intriguing to see the latest regarding the Laquan McDonald matter and how the City of Chicago and its mayor, Rahm (REDACTED) are responding.

Obviously, there are legitimate and legal reasons for not releasing information.

But there are plenty of dubious and outright illegal means taken to keep eligible records in the dark, away from public view. The Catch-22: until and unless those records ever get released, there’s no way of knowing to what degree FOIA is being trampled on.

Fortunately, my writing is redacted (fancy word for “blotted out”) only in the editing stage—when I re-consider a word, a phrase, and upwards of an entire piece. But in the spirit of the City of Chicago’s recent SOIA (Suppression of Information Activity)—does anyone really believe that all that redaction related to the Laquan McDonald case is on the up-and-up?—the remainder of this column will be subject to redaction.

Ready for Redaction Ridiculousness?

Let the (REDACTED) fall where they (REDACTED).

Over the years, it has become increasingly evident that Rahm (REDACTED) is a (REDACTED) hack and (REDACTED) to criminal conduct (REDACTED) under the cover of his powerful position. Fortunately, when his term ends or he is (REDACTED), he is free to (REDACTED) or even continue his hobby of going months without taking responsibility for his own (REDACTED) actions that (REDACTED) under his watch.

Some may argue (REDACTED) is just like any other (REDACTED) white-collar criminal. But that may be an (REDACTED) to the finer white-collar criminals among us.

We interrupt this rampant redaction with a resumption of the non-redacted portion of the column…

Curious to see those City of Chicago emails related to the Laquan McDonald matter? Check ‘em out. You can also see another classic example of Rahm Redacted at work, related to the Chicago school contract scandal.

Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, apparently. Rahm Redacted’s reluctance and resistance to releasing information may actually pale in comparison to President Barack Obama, whose administration R-Squared served in as Chief of Staff for nearly two years.

Last year, for those scoring at home, Obama and his team set a new record for rejecting FOIA requests.

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