Yesterday, the Illinois legislature approved an income-tax increase for individuals and corporations.

What do you suppose that has to do with life insurance salesmen, sports marketers, a wealth advisory consultant and restaurateurs?

At minimum, two things:

1. All are affected by it.

2. All can–and should–parlay our lawmakers’ lazy and gutless (yeah, I’m steamed) decision into news that turns the spotlight on their business and their industry expertise.

An op-ed piece,<ahref=””target=_blank>a news release, a pitch about the impact of the change on their field–all are fair game as responses to the governmental money grab.

I mention those four business categories because over the past three days, I’ve met with prospective clients in each of them. To each, I’ve sung this same tune.

It’s one way to turn the legislature’s lemon into lemonade. There’s no law (at least not yet) against parlaying really bad news into good profits that flow from raising an organization’s profile in the media, social media and via any other platform.

<ahref=””target=_blank>Search Engine Optimiziation, that holy grail of online attention-getting, flows more abundantly when your content is current and relevant. In another word: news.

So what are you doing right now to ride the coattails of the state’s income-tax grab and offer up actual newsworthy material to the media? The clock is ticking, and the media spotlight usually shines most brightly on those who make the first move.

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