What was Barack Obama doing on Friday night? Was he simply Biden his time before pressing “send” on the Text Message Heard ‘Round the World?

Sorry, couldn’t resist the wordplay with Sen. Joe Biden’s presumptive vice-presidential nomination.

Cyber-memo to Barack’s handlers: next time you pull a text-stunt, have the common sense to actually pull it off! Millions of non-text subscribers already had the news before you bothered to alert the non-press.

Besides, providing a 3 p.m. alert on Friday would have been so much better, in so many ways, than the 3 a.m. Saturday wake-up call. It would have created a buzz that lasted from the end of the workweek all the way into everyone’s early-weekend activities.

While I noted in a recent post that Mary Schmich of the Chicago Tribune said she was “using” Obama, that wee-hour notification was nothing short of abuse!

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