Three years ago, in writing about the importance of writing your business biography, my tone was almost apopleptic as I related the widespread absence of such bios.

At the time, I conveyed three big reasons why it behooves you to craft your story:

1. Distinguish yourself from the competition.
2. Develop a deeper connection with your prospective clients.
3. Lay the groundwork for news releases that help promote your product or service.

That covers some of the “why,” but much more elusive is the “how.”

How exactly do you boil down your life and career path and, furthermore, how tight should you write? Is 750 words just right or too much? Is 500 the magic number? What if some contexts enable space for only for 50 or 100 words?

These are among the most frequently recurring questions that I field, often during my “PR Secrets From a Media Insider” workshops. In response, I have developed a special rate for biography writing–click here for more details.

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