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Biography Writing: The Art of Letting Others Toot Your Horn

I’m always amused when I see someone with hardly any credentials at all drone on about their illustrious lives with platitudes and white noise, while globally renowned figures like John Grisham keep their bios to 20 words. Having written scads of bios over the past 20-plus years, and seen others’ work both stellar and abysmal, […]

Introducing the Inside Edge Biography Writing Service

Three years ago, in writing about the importance of writing your business biography, my tone was almost apopleptic as I related the widespread absence of such bios. At the time, I conveyed three big reasons why it behooves you to craft your story: 1. Distinguish yourself from the competition. 2. Develop a deeper connection with […]

Biographies Help Differentiate and Connect

What’s your story? If you run a business, do you have a well-written biography on your website and in any other communication materials? I am continually astonished by the prevalence of successful professionals who don’t have a bio. Then there are those who have poorly crafted bios that appear to have been scrawled hurriedly as […]