Sometimes my work goes in streaks.

There have been times when I simultaneously represented four different medical providers–an obstetrician, a neurologist, a chiropractor and an acupuncturist.

In the past year, I’ve had a fair share of real estate-related work, both as a freelance writer for REALTOR magazine and as a publicist for the irrepressible Roz Byrne (check out this “Wizard of Roz” blog post here) and Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate Gloor Realty.

A recent Gloor release published in Triblocal’s print edition is to the left here.

Lately, though, the trend could be summed up in three words: Social Media Central. The latest is a story in this week’s edition of The Business Ledger, a weekly publication in the western suburbs of Chicago that quotes from some of my recent social-media training tips.

If you check out the story, by Associate Editor Sherri Dauskurdas, you will see it doesn’t shy away from packing some social-media name-dropping punch in its headline: “Twitter away hours while LinkedIn to Facebook.”

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