There’s nothing quite like returning a call or an email within a few minutes to communicate someone is a top priority. I try to do it in my personal life, likewise in my professional dealings.

It’s something that helps distinguish you from the pack. When it comes to retaining PR support in Chicago or elsewhere, it also happens to illustrate one of the traits–ongoing access and communication–that you should not only look for in retaining someone, but insist upon as the relationship proceeds.

Here are five other characteristics to watch for:

1. Numerous referrals/case studies

2. No-fee, no-obligation initial consultation

3. Enthusiasm and belief in you

4. Well-developed media connections

5. Hands-on attention from an experienced pro

For more specifics, check out my latest column in Bulldog Reporter’s Daily Dog, Educate Your Prospective Clients: 6 Traits to Seek in a Publicist.




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