Happy new month, even if it means yours truly is no longer receiving as much exposure on calendars throughout the Oak Park-River Forest-Forest Park area.

For 31 days, some 5,000 calendars in the area displayed my alter ego from late 2009, Super Shopper Spotter. It was a character I developed for the “Shop the Village” campaign in Oak Park.

It takes a courageous man (or at least a brazen PR guy) to wear red boots, mask and cape in front of a flower shop--or anywhere else for that matter.

Each of the 12 months includes an image depicting a creative way to grow your business. A sampling: January was “Start or Update Your Website,” May was “Write a Book,” and October will be “Sponsor School/Youth Sports Teams.”

The message for August, which should come as no surprise, was “Stage A Publicity Stunt.”

All good stuff, even if the sight of me in the Triple-S costume came during one of the steamiest weather stretches of the year. The work was courtesy of Next Door Multimedia, the relentlessly creative full service production company in Oak Park.

Thanks, Next Door, and if you want to borrow the red boots and the rest of the super-hero garb, I’ve still got it!

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