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Shop the Village & Super Shopper Spotter

It’s a bird…it’s a plane…it’s Super Shopper Spotter! A new superhero has descended on Oak Park and he’s on the lookout for people shopping locally. Bearing an uncanny resemblance to yours truly, S-3 (for short) is one of the new, fun wrinkles to the 2nd installment of the “Shop the Village” program whose implementation I […]

Shop the Village’s Mega-Gift Moment

It’s been quite a three-month journey with Oak Park’s “Shop the Village” and it’s coming close to an end. Last night was the Mega-Gift Drawing, with one ticket out of the estimated 83,000 tickets (about $2.1 million worth of shopping) generated by the program worth $4,000 in prizes from each of the more than 100 […]

Our daily shopping choices: a super-simple way to boost local economy amid COVID-19 era

During this COVID-19 era, any trip through the commercial corridors of Oak Park, Illinois—my community along the western border of Chicago—has revealed its potential as a post-apocalyptic movie set. But here in my town—and wherever you are, within your community—there is a simple mathematical principle that empowers us to revise the script: shop locally, as […]

Super Shopper Spotter: The Commercial

Usually, my PR work involves more time on the keyboard and less time dashing to and fro in public while wearing a cape and red boots. With that in mind, if you were in the Downtown Oak Park area a few days ago, you might have seen some especially bizarre behavior, even by Super Shopper […]

Wrigley Field Hot Dog Vendor Uses Colorful Visual Aid to Boost Sales

The Wrigley Field vendor had a booming voice and a tiny rubber hot dog–a powerful combination that worked wonders as he patrolled the aisles behind home plate earlier this week at the Chicago Cubs’ Tuesday evening game against the Miami Marlins. “I’m not buying a hot dog,” I told him, “but can I take your […]

Bidding Farewell to August–And My Calendar Debut, Thanks to Next Door Multimedia

Happy new month, even if it means yours truly is no longer receiving as much exposure on calendars throughout the Oak Park-River Forest-Forest Park area. For 31 days, some 5,000 calendars in the area displayed my alter ego from late 2009, Super Shopper Spotter. It was a character I developed for the “Shop the Village” […]

Comeback For the Triple S Super-Hero Costume?

It’s preliminary, so I’m unable to divulge details just yet. But it appears that the Triple S super-hero costume in which I galavanted around Oak Park for the holiday season some 18 months ago may soon be making a re-appearance. It would be for another local cause, it would be in the near future and, […]