Travis Slaby, founder of ARIS at home

“Content creation.”

It’s a term that I never heard, or used, during my years as a journalist. But it’s become an almost-daily phrase in my vocabulary as I help organizations tell their stories. The creation of content–often, in the form of stories that accentuate someone’s expertise and knowledge–is a foundational element in most any public relations initiative.

Over the past few months, content creation has been at the heart of my work with ARIS at home, an in-home care service provider based in Oak Park. The work has come in close collaboration with ARIS founder and president Travis Slaby and Ryan Backer, the agency’s relationship manager.

Travis has provided the big picture of which ARIS facets he wants to publicize, while Ryan has been in charge of the nitty-gritty of developing blog posts that we will be re-purposing as news releases and other communication pieces.

As even professional writers will tell you, the act of writing really well ain’t easy. But it’s very much worth it, in large part because of the chain of events it can spur on. For example, in October, Ryan wrapped up a blog post on traveling with seniors. As the holidays approach, we agreed that it made sense to tailor the piece with a mention of the holidays. Doing so gives currency to the content.

Over the past few days, that has resulted in exposure on several websites, including this TribLocal post, Oak Park In-Home Care Expert Offers Holiday Travel Tips for Seniors.

But it would have been a missed opportunity if Ryan had not rolled up his sleeves, engaged in some extensive brainstorming to consider what topics were most important to convey, and then done the persevering work of turning those broad brush strokes into cohesive pieces of communication.

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