For the third time in two weeks, I had a column appear in Bulldog Reporter–this time about the art of getting media coverage on speculative topics.

Bearing the headline Could Be’ Publicity: Picking Your Spots With Media Trial Balloons, the column yesterday flowed from seeing occasional client Tom & Eddie’s secure mention in Crain’s Chicago Business by dint of its looking into possible spots for a Chicago site.

As I note in the piece, I’m a big fan of Tom & Eddie’s and hope they open a Chicago location, among other spots. “But,” I also noted, “as (co-founders Tom) Dentice and (Ed) Rensi would be the first to attest, there is a distance to be traveled from looking to cooking.”

My other two Bulldog Reporter pieces this month were published on January 10 (‘In Media Relations, Fastball Pitches Go Nowhere Fast’) and January 18 (Manti Te’o Deception Exposes Failings of An All-Too-Easily Duped Media’).

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