Divorce is a prevalent fact of life. So, too, is financial fall-out from marital break-ups.

DivorceIllinois, a new client of Inside Edge PR, is working to minimize the latter even if it can’t do anything about the former.

A professional association comprised of divorce financial specialists, DivorceIllinois was formed exactly 10 years ago, in June 2000.

The organization came about in response to individuals seeing clients who had been poorly served during the divorce process and had been thrust irrevocably into difficult straits.

Today, I began media outreach in the Chicago area with a news release on some findings from a recent survey of the Institute for Divorce Financial Analysts (IDFA).

You can read the piece, which includes insights from DivorceIllinois President Peggy Tracy (pictured, at left), at TribLocal.com: Survey: Recession Keeps More Struggling Marriages Together.

“Divorce has far-reaching implications—often more so than any other life event or decision,” Tracy says. “It’s crucial that people invest the time and resources to ensure their rights are protected and their financial future is looked after by a knowledgeable and ethical advocate.”

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