Seeing double: can you spot Matt Baron in this photo? Yes, twice, in fact. I’m the one on the right. (Photo by Jose P. Moreno/Inside Edge PR)

A few weeks ago, my intern, Jose P. Moreno, wrote a review of Future Hits, which played at the Oak Park Public Library.

A few excerpts:

“Composed of a Chicago Public School teacher, a classically trained flutist, and an assistant professor of audio from Columbia College, Future Hits plays music catered to children, while remaining entertaining for adults…..

One of the keys to the songs’ attractiveness: they are brief enough to maintain children’s short attention span, varying in topic from hanging out on the beach to visiting “Grandpa’s Farm.”

Matt Baron, an English-as-second language teacher with Chicago Public Schools, heads the trio of musicians. The others are Emma Hospelhorn and Ben Sutherland.”

Matt Baron, Future Hits frontman.

At the end of the piece, which appeared on the Oak Park-River Forest Patch, there’s only a hint of a rather surreal experience:

Inside Edge PR’s principal is Matt W. Baron; the Future Hits frontman is Matt L. Baron. They met for the first time at the library performance.

I had assigned Jose to write the review after noticing Matt was playing at the library–and after at least a few years of seeing him pop up in Google Alerts. I wasn’t the only one doing that: when I approached the musical Matt as he was preparing to leave the library, he made it clear that I needed no intro. Turns out he recognized me from his own Google Alert monitoring. Rock on, Mr. Baron!
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