Last week, I was at the Jewel in neighboring River Forest, Ill. when I came upon a 2009 desktop calendar that, understandably, was drastically marked down.

With nearly half the year already done, and stacks of the calendars on the shelf, Jewel was clearly in fire-sale mode with “Fact or Crap.” Its cover promises “a year of bizarre trivia” consisting of statements that may or may not be true.

For example, from June 11th: “All members of Scottish clans are blood relatives.” And from May 21st: “Initially, dogs were allowed to enter the Boston Marathon.” (Both are crap, while a June 4th assertion–“Michael Jordan was cut from his high school basketball team.”–is fact.)

As for the photo that accompanies this post, it’s only fitting that I conclude in this way.

Fact: I did spend $1 for this novelty item.

Crap: That I would have “saved” $109.90 by buying nine additional “Fact or Crap” desktop calendars. In fact, I don’t really believe I “saved” $10.99 by shelling out a buck for the one calendar.

Do they really think anybody is going to fall for this lame “savings” claim? Who are they crapping?

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