As I have been doing for the past few months, I shot some video (see below) yesterday at a meeting of Oak Park Partners, a chapter of business-referral titan Business Networking International.

I’ve been a member of Oak Park Partners for nearly three years. With a roster of about 35 members who are as varied as they are talented, it has been a tremendous source of business leads, growth and profitability. Along the way, I have likewise referred business to many members as we all strive to follow BNI’s motto of “givers gain.”

If you are looking to expand your business network, I highly recommend you find a few BNI chapters in your area and see if one may be a fit for you and your enterprise.

Among other elements to each week’s 90-minute session, every member and guest is allotted 45 to 60 seconds to give a “commercial” about their services and/or products. Below, you will see James Hasley, owner of a Maid Brigade franchise in Cook County, make a 10-minute presentation–a spotlight opportunity that members get on a rotating basis.

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