Hurricane Irene is making quite a name for herself. Any organization looking to do the same ought to consider how their products or services can dovetail with Irene in a legitimate, winsome manner.

This is hazardous PR terrain and going about it clumsily can backfire on you. A triumvirate of “S”-ential points to consider:

Be sensitive. Lives and property are in real peril–don’t use glib language.

Be service-focused. What expert insights can you offer that will truly benefit people? Last October, for example, Inside Edge PR developed a backgrounder for the Chicago-area media on behalf of J.C. Restoration during heavy storms at that time.

Here is the Tips From the Inside Edge post related to that effort: “Finding the Media’s Need and Filling It: Tips on Shining a PR Light Amid the Storms.”

Be succinct. Less usually is so much more, and think about how your contribution could complement, not compete with, the massive Irene coverage that is sure to follow.

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